What Are The Advantages Of Silver Jewellery?


Even though nowadays jewellery is made from various metals, including titanium, thungsten or even stainless steel, compared to these and with the other precious metals, silver will always have its specific class. Silver also has plenty of advantages when it comes to jewellery and in this post I will put into view some of them.
First of all, silver jewellery is low cost, without being "cheap". It has always costed less than gold and platinum and this fact will still remain unchanged for the upcoming future. 
Almost any Costume Rings, earrings, pendants or any other jewellery accessories made of silver, with a decent design, will always look classy on you, no matter what clothes you wear. Whether you like casual or elegant outfits, silver will always shine on you. Also, silver fits to any type of skin tone or hair color, so you don't have to worry if your pendant will fit your new look if you have changed the color of your hair.
Silver catches a tarnished tone being exposed to air, but even if tarnished, extraordinary contrasts can be obtained in certain pieces of jewellery, making them look even more beautiful and classy. The oxides can be removed though from almost any silver accessory, and they can re-gain their shine at any time. 
Silver is hygienic. Silver kills many types of bacteria in the water. Therefore, believe it or not, a piece of silver jewellery may be really useful to clean the drinking water during a camping trip, if there's no possibility to boil that water or to purify it by other means. Silver was used on a large scale as an infection profilactic in World War I before the occurance of antibiotics. It is also said that silver is absorbed through the skin and helps with the general health of a person.  
Almost any type of gem looks good on a silver pendant, ring or any other piece of jewellery made from this metal. Even more, there are really cheap gems which in combination with silver can create a jewellery accessory that will look like a million bucks.
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